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Practising good blog methods

John Doe Broken 13 Jan 17

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List of stuff from 10/03

  • Pressing tab on the blog edit page breaks stuff
  • CSRF stopping multi save for CtrlS - Work in progress - Add to blogs next
  • Test SQL before submission (not required)
  • Allow for third parameter on variables/snippets to format dates - Testing and make sure I havent missed anything
  • Make blogs save to the site slugs table (ajax valid check for blog AND pages is needed now - Or use code to generate slugs for blogs too)
  • Update site slugs table when changing the landing pages for blog
  • protected pages code needs to be added
  • the bar only for blog needs to be added
  • blog menu highlights
  • When setting the Blog Home page, make sure site slugs is updated correctly too
  • The blog slideshow fix - Change of layout perhaps?
  • CTRL + S not working for blog tinymce - See CSRF issue above - Its not saving because tiny is being annoying
  • plugins in body of posts - Might fix 2 up
  • Ctrl + S in tinymce causes normal save as mode
  • Run plugins using PHP (should be simple)
  • New snippets are working - Just need to make variables work with them now :(
  • Rewrite media/documents to Media [ Images, Documents, Videos , ALL ] tab system

And here is an inline gallery.. that was completely unexpected :S

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